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Therapeutic Services

Effective Pain Relieving Techniques

Enjoy the benefits Sharmagé Wellness has to offer with special pain relieving techniques. Combine any or all of these techniques to meet your specific needs. Sharilynn has methods to help melt away tension, soothe your senses, and leave you feeling gloriously refreshed.

Lymph Massage

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

This orthopedic technique uses an ultra-light touch to physically remove restrictions within the dura. Somato Emotional Release, secondary to CST, uses your inner physician to release recurring pain restrictions in cellular memory.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Here's a popular orthopedic technique using ultra-light touch with mapping to enhance the lymphatic system. It will increase the overall functionality of body systems.


This healing technique uses source energies with hands-on or hands-off manipulation to promote healing of physical and emotional pain. A treatment is wonderfully refreshing.

Medical Manual Therapy

This is another orthopedic technique that combines stretching and effleurage of muscles at the attachment points. It helps remove pain from its origin.

Medical Tuina

Fingertip pressure and the vibrating of acupressure points will release nerve blockages and clear meridians to enhance Chi. This technique is very popular.

Hands & Feet Massage

Enjoy an orthopedic technique using different fingertip pressures combined with shearing, to loosen joints and relieve compression pain. This is a great stress reliever.

Foot Massage

Swedish Massage

Smooth and firm effleurage from Swedish massage will increase overall body circulation. This time-tested technique is a proven healer.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage involves heavy pressure and stretching of the muscle. It hurts but promotes healing.

Candles and Towels

Personalized Packages

Most services are available in one and two hour sessions. Gift certificates are available, and a variety of options include:

  • $80.00 per Hour for a Single Session
  • $75.00 per Hour with Purchase of Three Sessions
  • $70.00 per Hour with Purchase of Five Sessions

Reiki Classes

Classes are a minimum of four hours for levels one and two. Level three is an eight-hour day. Costs are:

  • $280.00 for Level One (4hrs +/-)
  • $280.00 for Level Two (4hrs +/-)
  • $420.00 for Level Three (6hrs +/-)